TACCINW: Opening New Doors to the Northwest US Market

Source: DHA, April 29, 2020

Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry Northwest (TACCINW), which represents 6 important Western States, has opened its doors to Turkish companies who want to do business in the United States. TACCINW has signed a cooperation agreement with the American Turkish Business Development Council (ATBD Council) and will support companies to promote their products and services in the USA.

TACCINW, which is based in Seattle, Washington, has approximately 200 members, and has been actively operating in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Northern California since 2013. TACCINW President Kurt Gökhan Ölçer pointed out that the region where they operate is hosting technology, cloud computing and e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Stating that the aviation giant Boeing is also in this region, Olcer also emphasized that the post-coronavirus economy has shifted to technology, cloud computing and e-commerce. Olcer noted that there has been a substantial increase in online sales in the USA after the coronavirus epidemic, and said that online sales of many products, especially ready-to-wear clothing and home textiles have been booming. Mr. Olcer continued; “We see that the sales of many cotton products have doubled. There is a four-fold increase in the sale of some home textile products. There are also opportunities in the technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and construction industries. I recommend Turkish companies that aim to export to the USA to seek reliable partners and take steps to enter the US market as soon as possible.”


Underlining that companies who want to export to the USA should think long-term, Olcer reminded that they have signed a cooperation agreement with the ATBD Council to help Turkish companies enter the US market. Olcer continued:

“With the help of the cooperation agreement we signed with ATBD Council, we believe that we are building an important bridge between the Northwest United States and Turkey. Thanks to this cooperation, we will provide closer contacts with the Turkish Chambers of Commerce, Commodity Exchanges, and businesses. We will announce various campaigns and events for the members of the ATBD Council on our chamber web page and to the relevant companies in the United States. Members of the Council will have the priority to reserve a seat in the sectoral business delegation trips that will be organized between Turkey and the Pacific Northwest. ATBD Council member companies will also be listed free of charge in our business directory along with a link to their websites. We will also feature important news of these companies on our chamber newsletters. Active ATBD Council members may take advantage of these opportunities by visiting www.taccinw.org and applying for TACCINW membership. Once again, we encourage all our members and companies in Turkey to focus on what they do best and the products and services they specialize in. Success in the US markets can only be achieved through long-term strategic planning and building long-lasting, strong partnerships.”