ATBD Council and TACCINW Announce Cooperation Agreement

Press Release, March 26, 2020

American Turkish Business Development Council (ATBD Council) and the US-based Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry Northwest (TACCINW) announced today that they have entered a cooperation agreement to promote and increase the bilateral trade between Turkey and the United States. TACCINW is a private, not-for-profit membership organization based in Seattle, Washington that organizes a wide range of services, training programs, seminars and events to support its members’ trading and investment activities. TACCINW also provides guidance, information, and various tools and resources to help organizations promote their products and services, reach out to potential customers and suppliers, and help achieve their business goals. TACCINW, is active in the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

With this cooperation, we aim to:

  • Increase awareness of Turkish Chambers of Commerce and Commodity Exchanges in the United States with specific emphasis on the Northwest region.
  • Promote, assist, and improve awareness, communications, social and commercial relationships amongst persons or companies operating within the United States and having ties or interests in Turkey.
  • Encourage and assist Chambers of Commerce and other businesses operating in the Northwest region of the United States, to establish affiliates, subsidiaries, or other business ventures in Turkey.
  • And as a result, help promote and increase the bilateral trade potential and investment levels between Turkey and the United States.

In accordance with our cooperation, we will provide further information on the upcoming events and activities that will be organized under the leadership of Mr. Ugur Terzioglu (ATBD President) and Mr. Kurt Gokhan Olcer (TACCINW President).


For More Information, please contact:

Cisel Olcer
TACCINW, Turkey Coordinator
[email protected]

Cihangir Dilaver
ATBD Council, Executive Manager
[email protected]